Business Migration to Portugal

As one of the safest and most business-friendly countries in the world, Portugal offers the best conditions for a business relocation, expansion, start-up or business continuation after insolvency. Low wage and non-wage costs, affordable energy costs, investment protection and political stability make Portugal the preferred choice in the EU.

Business Migration Services

Many companies around the world are facing a major challenge. The situation is tense and many companies are looking for a way out of the crisis. Consciousnet Consult offers an opportunity to solve this situation through professional corporate migration services. Relocating to Portugal is a good way to reduce costs and secure, increase or restore your company's competitiveness. We help you to make the change or restart successful, to avoid cost traps such as wrong, unfavourable or overpriced advice, useless services or expensive pitfalls. Through our strategic planning, we ensure the success of your migration. 

The team at Consciousnet Consult Portimão and our international partner network will support you and your company in all aspects of business migration in Portugal and accompany you safely and routinely at all levels:

  • We analyse your options in Portugal and develop a migration strategy tailored to your individual needs.
  • We advise you on the most suitable region for your industry and help you find the right location for your business.
  • We guide you unerringly and prudently through all the steps necessary to set up a company.
  • We will find the subsidies available for your business field and assist you in applying for them.
  • We provide you with the appropriate contacts to potential new business and cooperation partners, customers and local suppliers.
  • We support you in overcoming language and cultural barriers and help you with all aspects of daily life in your new location.

Whether you want to relocate your company completely, move individual divisions specifically to a more favourable location or expand your business, implement your business ideas and concepts in a conducive environment or continue a business experiencing economic difficulties under more business-friendly conditions - our exclusive business migration services in Portugal offer you a sensible alternative to secure your economic future.

Why relocate business?

The study "International Mobil. Motives, framework conditions and consequences of emigration and return migration of German citizens" asked emigrants on a larger scale about their motives for emigration and surveyed their social structure. The study is a project of the SVR Research Unit, the Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB) in Wiesbaden and the University of Duisburg-Essen. 

According to the survey, most Germans leave the country for professional reasons (66.9 percent), while 41.4 percent of respondents cite dissatisfaction with life in Germany as a motive for emigration. The erosion of Germany's locational quality affects business owners in particular to the highest degree: German companies are affected by the tendency towards business-unfriendly politics, exploding prices, high wage and ancillary wage costs, growing supply insecurity, investment backlogs and an extremely high tax burden, and are looking for realistic and economically sensible ways out of the situation.

46.9 percent hope for a higher income abroad. In fact, for most internationally mobile Germans, emigration leads to an increase in income, regardless of educational level or professional qualification.

Although the results of this study only reflect the specific problems faced by businesses in Germany, the situation in many other countries around the world is comparable and not infrequently even considerably more tense, such as in acute war zones and other crisis areas. A relocation of one's own business location to a business-friendly, secure and economically and politically stable environment represents a realistic opportunity for a more secure future for their businesses for many of those affected, regardless of their origin.

Business Migration to Portugal

Why Portugal?

As one of the safest and most business-friendly countries in the world, Portugal offers the best conditions for a business relocation, business expansion or start-up. Low wage and non-wage costs, affordable energy costs, investment protection and political stability make Portugal the preferred choice in the EU.

Portugal defies the global economic headwind: the currently difficult economic situation affects Portugal noticeably less than most other EU countries. Economic performance, investments and foreign trade are increasing more strongly than expected. Portugal is proving to be safe and politically stable in these troubled times.

Key economic indicators continue to point towards an upswing. Portugal recovered quickly from the slump caused by the corona pandemic. Despite high commodity prices and international supply chain problems, the country is on a stable growth path. Portugal has only minor economic links with Ukraine and Russia and therefore feels the direct consequences of the war less than other countries.

Thanks to these circumstances, real GDP growth in Portugal in 2021 was around 4.9 % compared to the previous year. EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni stated that the revival of tourism will contribute to the gross domestic product (GDP) in Portugal growing by as much as 5.8 % in 2022, which is stronger than ever before.

Portugal has an internationally competitive and transparent tax framework and offers many tax incentives for foreign companies, such as tax cuts for small and medium-sized enterprises in agriculture, manufacturing and trade. Businesses that focus on renewable energy or promote globalisation receive 10-20 per cent tax credits. Similarly, Portugal also offers companies, among other things, a 20 per cent tax deduction for investments of up to €5 million, which can reduce the tax rate to as low as 5.5 per cent, compared to the normal rate of 24 per cent.

These tax incentives are part of a broader commitment by the Portuguese government to attract international investors to the Portuguese economy and to create a business-friendly environment for foreign companies. According to a report by Ernst and Young, the majority of international investors have confidence in Portugal, even more than in France, the UK and Germany.

In order to create additional attractive financial incentives for business and corporate migration, Portugal provides extensive subsidies for companies that are based in Portugal or that are establishing themselves in the country. For example, grants of more than €41.8 billion are available through Portugal's Recovery and Resilience Plan for the period 2021-2027, among others:

Funding ProgrammeAmount in EUR billions *)
Reconstruction and Resilience Facility; including 2.7 billion EUR loans18,2
Cohesion Policy allocation, thereof:23,6
 - European Social Fund Plus (ESF+)7,5
 - European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)11,5
 - Cohesion Funds4,4

*) all data refer to current funding programmes
Source: EU Commission 2021

These state subsidies are intended to strengthen and expand the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy, but also to further improve the country's infrastructure in order to create and maintain optimal conditions for Portugal as a business location.

Portugal also offers a secure long-term environment due to its geostrategic location and excellent conditions for trade with Asia, Africa and North and South America due to its traditional maritime orientation.

You and your company can also benefit directly from the attractive combination of tax advantages and high subsidies; we would be happy to help you with this!

Portugal for Business Owners:

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Business Migration to Portugal

The Future-Oriented Business Location in the EU

Portugal offers you unique social conditions, political and economic stability, security, tax advantages and attractive subsidies for economic success and growth of your business.

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