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Cryptocurrency: Portugal above the European average

Listen to the article: ECB data shows that 5% of Portugal’s population owns crypto-assets, above the European average (4%). The highest values are observed in Slovenia and Luxembourg ( 8%).The findings relate to a study of consumer payment types in the eurozone, in which the ECB highlights that the countries with the highest share of

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Tourism seen as key to fight possible recession

Economy Minister Antonio Costa Silva said Portugal must diversify its exports, namely in the tourism sector, to „minimise“ the impact of a possible recession in Europe. „We can have no illusions: if there is a recession in Germany, its impact will be significant across Europe,“ he said, stressing that a commitment to the tourism sector

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Real estate sector reaches two billion investments a year thanks to tax incentives

Tax incentives and preferences in real estate lead to „capital imbalances“ and attract investments of two billion euros a year in the sector that could help other sectors, reports Público, based on reports from real estate company representatives to Investigate Europe, a team of investigative journalists consisting of 11 countries. Real estate industry specialists point

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