Update on the SEF statistics for the Portugal Golden Visa programme.

As of: November 2022

✅ A total of 259 new residence permits were issued during the month ( 121 main investors and 138 family members). The largest number of new residence permits were issued to US investors – 18. 14 new residences were issued to investors from the UK, 13 from China, 10 from Brazil and 10 from South Africa.

✅ 95 investors purchased properties for a total of €54.6 million, including 62% of investors purchased 500+ properties and 38% invested in 350+ renovation properties.

✅ 23 investors bought units of investment funds worth €8.3 million.

✅ 2 investors placed funds in a bank to the amount of €2.3 million.

✅ 1 investor made a non-refundable investment of €350 thousand in Portuguese culture

Total investment in the Portuguese economy since 2012 amounts to more than €6.7 billion!